The video below captures traffic images on the road at an overpass and a scene under the bridge-tunnel with a black car running in another lane. Then suddenly turned right to the other lane and then was caught by the police. The video ended up leaving netizens controversy. Some people think that car.

It was customary to run like that, and he didn’t do anything wrong to be caught by the police; others thought he had turned into the other yellow forbidden lane, so he violated it. The law and get caught; those knowledgeable about traffic laws will know it. According to our observations, we can also see the car suddenly turned over so quickly.

Very dangerous and can cause an accident. Fortunately, the car behind recorded this video was running at a slow speed, or the collision would have already occurred. Nowadays, traffic accidents are increasing daily, and means of transport are growing, but people’s consciousness is declining, and they do not accept. Obey traffic rules, swerve around, run red lights, join traffic when under 18 years old, or have used drugs or alcohol. And sometimes they I still need to understand traffic law, but still using it, causing many famous cases. This is also a message to everyone to obey. Traffic laws protect everyone as well as yourself.