The video below captures a girl telling her story. She is at home and looking for a way to kick the police out of her room. They kicked in The door makes door broken and can’t be closed, pillows on the floor to stop shaking her head, keep the wall away from the mattress, and funny bed sheets.

She points to a hiding place on the other side. The corner of the bed was found pulled out by them. A laundry basket was in the bathroom, and they broke her necklace so that she couldn’t find the chain, only the pendant passed on the ground. She messed up her desk and took notes. She asked for a phone charger and said they left an injury.

The video could have been more explicit quickly. Attracted netizens were curious about what happened, and there were many debates about why the police had come to her house and messed things up.

Some comments from netizens:
“I’m sorry u experienced this; I assume u have anxiety and wanted to self-harm; the worst thing someone can do is call the police.”
“Lol, you’re not explaining what you did to cause this, just trying to gain fame on recreational outrage and sympathy seeking with one sided stories.”
“Open the door and cooperate, and you wouldn’t have the “trauma”