The fuel tank is a part of the engine system, containing oil, gasoline or ethanol… The average capacity of a car today is about 45-70 liters.

Some large, specially designed vehicles may be taller. In addition to the main fuel tank, some cars also have an auxiliary fuel tank, also known as a reserve tank.

For example, Lexus LX570, Toyota Land Cruiser… have a 93-liter main tank and 45-liter sub-tank. The position of the fuel tank is usually located below the rear seats.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, this is the position that is least affected. The fuel tank on tractors and trucks is usually located right behind the front of the vehicle.

Information about the tank capacity as well as the type of fuel that the vehicle uses is usually written on the inside of the tank cap. For example, 60L Diesel means that the vehicle is designed to hold 60 liters of oil, including a spare tank (if applicable) .

If the fuel tank capacity of the car is 60 liters, the needle indicates the E level (about to run out), the nearest gas station actually still has 5-10 liters left.

However, users should leave gasoline in the tank from 1/4 or more, because if you often run in a state of low gas, it will harm the car. The cars in the video are junk,

but there is still gas in each car, so they took advantage of the liters of gasoline inside the tank to save gas. Many netizens also expressed their opinions on this


“All the gasoline on the ground… not very efficient… lol”