The video re-shared the image is a riot scene, for some reason, there are so many people coming and attacking a truck on the road, a lot of boys climbing
on the vehicle, including the vehicle in motion. And it can be seen that this car just dared to slow down and did not want to cause any injury to anyone else. After the video was posted, it was fast quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from people, many people thought that the people who were trying to block the truck were really stupid, it could put their lives in danger when the truck driver just accelerates and runs away.

Some people’s comments:

“I know this is about a year ago I said it then and I’ll say it now if your life is in danger you have every right to defend yourself that means even if people get ran over because they won’t get out of the way move on.”
“This guy’s life was in danger if they had broken the window’s and pulled him out. This is criminal behavior and anybody who gets run over has only themselves to blame.”

” Remember Reginald Denny, the
truck driver who was pulled from his dump truck and was beaten with bricks and a fire extinguisher in Los Angeles?
Drive away to a safe place and stop briefly to allow the morons on top of the truck to get down and proceed to your next destination.”
“Them people are lucky the driver wasn’t me I would have one hand on the horn and the other one on the wheel and just go”
“Imagine feeling like you accomplished anything being involved in this. looks guys I climbed up the back dumb af”
“An if anyone tried to defend the action that a mob vs 1- man he would have got killed if he stop are got out and he has nothing to do with what they protesting about he has a job to do”

“All this never happened. Liberals don’t do this. Liberals are calm peaceful attackers who never attack innocent people. They just riot”
“This is why you don’t stop. If they are stupid enough to stand in front of a vehicle they deserve to win the stupid prize of the day!!”
“I remember when the gals in my trailer park used to do this after I came home from a long haul. God bless america 🇺🇸”