Whoever did this
The video captures images of a team of police officers walking on a moving road and people walking on the road taking photos.
And many people leave their comments.
people hate the police because most of them are corrupt and the rest don’t even know the law they’re supposed to enforce and spend most of the time violating people’s rights.

and they won’t be there. – Heh. Trust me. A lot of experience in them never does me any good when I need them, but always causes me problems with things that don’t matter to anyone but the state when it wants money.
they were not made to serve the people, only corrupt politicians were made to quell the people.
sounds like you’ve put yourself in a lot of danger…. maybe they’re tired of the wolf crying and waiting for the natural choice…?

Vidéo shot in marseille during protest after an old lady was killed by the police standing at her window during the repression of a a moaning March in memory of people who died in the collapse of their building…
zineb Redouane…justice for her! We will never forget!!!
Whoever? You’re literally looking at the guy who did it… he’s in the video you’re watching of the guy who did it doing it 🧐
Disrespectful, but funny.

The cops didn’t seem to care, and might not even have realized what the dope was doing.
Usually I’m not offending for police officers…but couldn’t help but laugh. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the police officers laughed too