Her performances have always received the attention of domestic and foreign audiences, concerts that have attracted thousands of people and she has not failed people to perform great songs.
The investment in quality is the same as the investment in skills that led her to be recognized by the audience for her talent.
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), popularly known as Katy Perry, is an American female singer, songwriter and TV show judge.

Perry was recognized for her influence on modern pop music and camp art style, with the honour of “Queen of Camp” from Vogue.
Pursuing a career in gospel music at the age of 16, Perry released his first commercially unsuccessful album, Katy Hudson (2001), under Red Hill Records.
She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to embark on secular music, taking the stage of “Katy Perry” from her mother’s maiden name.

Perry began recording an unreleased album titled Fingerprints with producers Glen Ballard and Greg Wells while signing with Java Records and then Columbia Records before being terminated.
Perry is one of the world’s best-selling record artists, with sales of more than 143 million records worldwide. She has nine Billboard Hot 100 singles, three Billboard 200 albums and received various awards.

The majority of the productions at this time appeared in One Of The Boys after she signed a record deal with Capitol Records in April 2007.