The video above records traffic on the road; a guy is driving his motorbike when the police stop him because he doesn’t obey. Obeyed the law and crossed the other line. Behind him was a series of cars lined up, and he couldn’t wait, so he entered the rest of the road.

The video quickly received the attention of netizens, and mixed opinions occurred. It caused a massive explosion, and the video became viral. This time. Someone said, “That cop did the right thing to stop him, and he was kind enough to tell him to park there. But the guy above. Motorcycles are rude. So yes, that cop told him to leave. Then the guy stopped with another intelligent cop. Well, the second cop should arrest him on the spot.”

Others thought, “He didn’t try. Have you tried this video? You saw yourself turn around and go to someone else’s place. “Who are you” he’s security with a gun. You act accordingly and go crazy because you’ve been cheated or can’t stand it. The drivers think they don’t need to wait in line and should get special treatment. The same person will put in last and still want one, the trophy.” “Just because your butt is on a bike, you’re not special; wait like everyone else.. riders want others to respect them on the road, but NO, respect other drivers most of the time!”

The video continues to leave many unresolved controversies, and netizens hope that the incident This will be properly and publicly addressed so they can answer their questions.