The video below is a scene of a professional cyclist, and he is running on a cumbersome and dangerous bike, but the content is. The central part of the video is not there, but the voiceover is there. The video is about whether you want to know because your body starts to hurt after that.

Before medicine started in the 19th century, the average death rate was in your 30s. So when you have back pain, a crooked neck, or a stomach’s just the body. You’re whispering you’re going to have to leave. You can’t be here anymore.

The above statement received a lot of mixed opinions, with some saying, “The mortality rate has been reduced destroyed because of high infant mortality and maternal deaths in the process. If you remove those factors, the mortality rate is closer to the target standard today”, or “The animal kingdom still lives with their mortality rates as they always have. Main difference? Radioactive artificial electromagnetic field….. i.e., electricity and now microwave radiation. It ages us quickly, makes us sicker, and kills us faster. Includes modes EMF infusion diet, i.e., cooked food. Animals also do not eat cooked food. If we go back to our animal ways and live a low life poor, we can start to get healthier and live longer. You’ve never seen an Amish with asthma, have you?” .

Many opinions occurred, and they said this is a made-up video because the average human body age must be much higher than that, and as our bodies change, we recognize the problem, and adjust it to grow to be healthier, it’s not the end