Disruptive cats that give their owners headaches is no longer a strange thing. However, being disruptive but loving its owner very much, recently a video of a cat with a surprised look on his mother’s breakdown but not knowing what to do to help has made the online community laugh.
And in the latest share of Sohu newspaper, there was an information related to a super mischievous cat with a surprised expression, never going out with his owner, making the online community feverish. because it’s so cute.

According to the video, the girl was hurt so she was hiding in the bathroom to chill to the music, besides, the cat also wanted to share with the girl, so he came to sit next to her, after hearing the girl’s scream, her expression of the cat made the online community laugh, the cat looked at the camera bewilderedly like: “What’s the matter, lady, what am I listening to?”

Immediately after this post was shared, many netizens in China were surprised and amused by the cat’s own cunning. Besides, there are also some lotuses who expressed sympathy for the young man with the comment: “The cat like wtffff 🤣🤣🤣🤣”
And yet, knowing how to help a loved one with a nervous breakdown was key to her recovery. The first step is to become familiar with the warning signs, symptoms, and possible treatments. With this knowledge, you can guide her through her struggles and help her get the treatment she needs, while also starting the healing process and moving toward recovery.

Before you approach your mother about treatment, try to understand how she feels. Be prepared for her to get defensive, maybe even lash out and say something hurtful. Just remember: she’s reacting this way because she’s struggling with a mental health issue. In times of crisis, we all have the capacity to hurt those we love unintentionally. Be gentle, patient, and most of all, forgive. Regularly remind her that you love her and that you are doing your best to be with her.

Although Anne is a mother, sometimes she doesn’t want to be. Not because she doesn’t love her children, but because the pressures and stresses of motherhood become overwhelming during periods of mental breakdown. She goes through them every few months, but has never received any treatment. She treats them as common periods of stress among mothers, unaware that they are, in fact, a sign of deep-seated mental health issues that need to be addressed.