The video appeared on the controversial social network of a car stopping by the side of the road and buying something, but they received the answer as no, that’s why the police car honked loudly. cause misunderstandings for the following people.

I actually despise when people throw a fit over every single one if they’re busy and you have a large group that machine isn’t keeping up *sigh it’s a rule. If they don’t the next one is free.
ya when ya order more than 2 its redundant I watched a party of 8 like really they were trying to get them all for free bc he was already upset about the price

rules are rules lol. I used to manage a DQ it’s very…very simple to hand it upside down i haven’t gotten one upside down since before the pandemic they stopped it in my town i guess

They are actually supposed to give you a free one if its not served upside down.