A video that was recently posted has attracted a lot of interest and people sharing.We all don’t know at one time and another, do better. something out here you don’t know and you’ll be glad to have someone point it out to you without judgment.

This has caused “I’m not like the other girls” to vibrate… She became a woman not a problem, she was misinformed by the car owner as a problem .. many men would also make this mistake if they didn’t know about the particular car.
Sadly, she’s trying to do the right thing by returning the car full of tanks. I don’t own diesel, but I’m pretty sure the color on the tap is green and the diameter of the tap won’t fit the gasoline engine, the JIC people have problems with space and time.

Unfortunately, engineers didn’t find a way to stop people from pouring conventional gas into diesel. Bestie bop, why do you call other women huss? Why are you trying to make people feel bad about not knowing the difference? Ugh, I know the difference but it gives me emotion ick
Truth If you’re offended by this, you could be the kind of girl she’s talking about. Ask yourself what would happen if she started it and how long before she realized something was wrong.

Some people have commented that“It’s sad that this” police”called a citizen a” wanker ” because she thought she was doing the right thing by filling up the truck… but then again… if the guy (even if it was a guy because you said she said it was a friend) let her drive it, he should have known enough to tell her that it was diesel or not pouring any fuel into it.”
“Yes, I hope the owner will state if the vehicle takes something other than the usual. That’s because they didn’t tell her before she got the car.”