The video was posted about guessing a celebrity’s appearance becomes obese. It’s hard to imagine opening up with such an obese person who that person is. The fat line and the lines on that face have almost all worn off. The image gradually changes from being fat to decreasing, and when it is thinner, the lines gradually appear up, and we can quickly tell who it is.

The video is like a wake-up call for everyone not to indulge themselves too much to get sick, obese, and can get into such trouble.
Currently, obesity is a ubiquitous food because of an unscientific lifestyle, too much fast food, and greasy food. Not only the elderly but also young children.
Also, have high rates of obesity.

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate; this is a potential threat in the future to reduce life expectancy and the quality of life of people.
Followed by a series of consequences of other diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, and cancer… sedentary activity plays a vital role in the process.

The emergence of obesity, scientific development, and advancement in information and transportation technology makes people more and more sedentary. Children gain weight partially fast. Audio-visual media has a role: television, games, and even schools are less interested in physical activity subjects