Everyone in life is born and raised, married, and has children. It is a highly sacred and noble task; children are the gift of nature. Gifts and bonds between couples. The life of newlyweds must be very comfortable and wonderful, but when the family has more. What will happen to members? Shuffle how?

The video below uploads a picture of a young couple taking care of their first child, and everything becomes so busy because there are more things to do and more people to take care of. They are busy with everyday things such as: holding the baby, lulling the baby to sleep, feeding the baby milk, changing diapers, expressing milk, and doing other housework such as cooking and cleaning… It is hectic, and they can sleep anytime and anywhere while taking care of their children and taking advantage of their sleeping time.

The video recording of the life of diaper parents quickly attracted attention. Many people pass through the mind, and they see themselves in it. That will indeed happen in everyone’s life, sooner or later. Those who have not had a baby after watching the videoare excited and wish they could soon. It would be wonderful to have a baby and be able to do those things.

Many people shared:
“My son is also two months old. I had to change his diaper too early. It made me sad.”
“My last baby was in the right size one diaper right from the womb, and now he will be five months on the 18th and in size two diaper about to go into size 3.”
“Children who sleep with their father are always a pleasure to see.”