The video shares a picture of a soldier on a plane shooting something into the sea, which seems to have something to do with military service, many people claim to be a sonar buoy.
So what is a sonar buoy?Application and impact of sonar on marine life.
Sonar is a technique that uses sound propagation (usually underwater) to find a way to move, communicate, or detect other objects on the surface, in the water, or on the bottom of the water such as fish, ships, floating objects, or sinking in bottom silt and sand.

Sonar can be used as a means of acoustic positioning The acoustic positioning in the air was used before there was a radar Sonar can be used in the air for robot movement.
There are two types of sonar:
Active sonar: The Transmitter emits a pulse, often called a ping, and hears the echo at the receiver. There are many geometric arrangements of transmitters and receivers, showing how to locate different objects:
Passive sonar: Listen without giving a signal. It is commonly used in the military, although it is also used in scientific applications.
For example, to detect fish in marine research or fishing, to detect mine explosions in islands, to detect seismic vibrations or seabed eruptions. In a broad sense, Passive Sonar includes analytical techniques. the analysis involves sound emitted from a distance in order to determine the location and nature of the source.

Military applications: Passive sonar is a means of collecting information. The signals are processed according to the Signal Detection Theory to filter out the signal of interest, detecting the target.
Civil applications: Fish detection, Reverberation depth measurement
Scientific applications: Sonar for flank scanning, Topographic mapping of water areas

Studies have shown that sonar sound waves emit a high intensity of concentration, so they affect marine organisms. The most obvious manifestation is that the impact on the dolphin whale family is organisms use ultrasonic biosonars to locate, communicate with each other, and to paralyze prey. Human sonars confuse them, sometimes leading them astray to death. When stumbling on sonar waves, some fish suffer from behavioral disturbances or are stunned, like stumbling on dolphin biosonars.