The video that appeared on social networks has attracted a lot of attention.
Image of police inspectors looking for something and it looks like some kind of case.
The image of the police is the essence of the state and of the ruling class, a violent tool to help the ruling class protect its interests from within, unlike the army, which protects it from the outside.

In addition, because the nature of the state is not only class but also social, the foreign police force mainly protects the interests of the ruling class and the ruling state also has the task of protecting the rights of the ruling class. interests of other social classes.
The police (English: Police, Italian: Polizia) are one of the armed forces of a state and the autocratic instrument of the government that governs that state.
The police force was very large and when he took action, everyone felt scared and ran away.
I want to know how he suffered after that act.

As one of the core forces of the country, the public security or people’s police is always one of the leading important forces of the country.
The police are one of the armed forces of a state and an instrument of tyranny of the government that runs that state.
Operating within the legal framework with great powers, the police have the duty to ensure social stability, order and discipline, protect the interests of the State in society, and legitimate rights and interests. of citizens.

The police have the right to use statutory means and their own means to carry out such duties.
In the world, general specific tasks
Many people after watching the video left comments:
Now they are to worry about law suits to do their jobs, oh no criminals died boo hoo. Whatever guess we will go back to forming mobs when we need justice taking care of. That’ll be a fair and safe event🤣🤣🤣🤣 you guys are screwed
Nobody decides to help people by being a cop. Bullys gangsters and mentally ill do.
Look at all the assumptions in the comments🤣🤣. Y’all are so desperate to hate Entire groups of people based off a few bad apples, And that makes you the problem.