Each of us has a hidden fear in our souls, which you can easily recognize, but sometimes it takes a long time to understand what it is that we are really afraid of.
The video was a girl’s share of her fear, she felt the most scared when she took a plane and accidentally ran into a little incident that also freaked her out, so how could it be possible to overcome overcoming this fear?

Always follow and follow the flight attendants’ instructions and boarding regulations.
Fastening your seatbelt on the plane will help you avoid falling out of your seat. Hit another passenger or hit his head against the ceiling. Because the plane not only glides smoothly in the sky, but there are also times when air turbulence is present.

And when we go through bad weather, it’s pretty scary, and the seatbelt will save our lives. Often the bad weather vugnf is not big enough to create chaos. However, if the seat belt is not fastened it’s safe, you can get hurt.

That’s why when you see the seat belt lights on. Go back to your seatbelt. Or to make sure you’re safe, you can fasten your seatbelt even without notice from
flight attendants and pilots. Fastening your seat belt will help you avoid injury from air turbulence. Especially when the plane lands. The plane landed so fast that otherwise be careful, you may hit your head against the ceiling.