In recent days, on social networks, a video has appeared on social networks with extremely surprising content when the boys traveling on that train together

performed an action that caused a lot of controversy among netizens.

It is worth mentioning that these men have very funny and funny dances, first of all, two guys with extremely professional style dance these dances together.

Then there were two boys going in the opposite direction dancing to that dance, surprising the passengers on that train. An elderly man stepped out and then he also danced with the boys, surprising the audience present.

The dancing action of these men caused heated controversy among netizens. Some commented that they were interesting and funny guys, making everyone on board happy.

But there are also some comments that say they are disrespectful to others, causing discomfort to those around them.

“Is it possible to take a train in New York without seeing a clown show, a robbery, someone dying or someone vomiting? Why does everyone feel like they have to perform?”

“It’s all very childish, the funniest person there is the one with obvious mental health, that really says it all!”

“And we have to put up with this stupidity.”