The video is about a car trying to overtake all the other vehicles at a fast speed and claiming that the other vehicles, due to a lack of confidence, should go behind the remaining cars.

And I started to conquer it. That person showed interest in this adventure game and thought he could easily pass, and the road had a clear point of view.
To see everything. The video, after being posted, made many people sit still and worry that a bad situation might happen and that drivers should not do so.
That’s dangerous. And some people love speed, enjoy the action, and feel uncomfortable when they have to go backward. If you are passionate about speed, join races and do it on a safe road for you and others. Because nowadays, people’s passion for speed many degrees, but using them in unauthorized cases has caused a lot of unnecessary consequences. The danger is always lurking around us, so everyone People have to be careful when going out.

Many people left comments like “
“What’s the difference between the guy on the overpass and the Hedgehog? A Hedgehog has Brick outside.”
“They could all be doing 60 mph, and the twatcam car is breaking the speed limit as he’s got a twatcam.”
“Funny thing is these tards will continue doing 40 when they reach the next village. That’s a 30 that happens daily to me; there’s no reason to be doing 40 here,
and everyone saying 60 is not a target, and all that BS is part of the problem! If you get marked up for something on your driving test, you are driving
incorrectly. It’s quite simple.”