Developing countries in the direction of industrialization and modernization. Physical needs and travel needs of people are increasing day by day. Therefore, the situation of participating in traffic takes place very complicated. Traffic safety is a dilemma and a top concern of the whole society. Traffic accidents are frankly recognized as “catastrophic”, because of the great consequences it causes to the socio-economy, especially the irreparable mental damage. Preventing, avoiding and overcoming traffic accidents is considered by the Party, State and people as a very important national task.

Traffic safety is a concept to indicate behaviors that ensure the lives of road users and street order and security. Traffic safety means that all people strictly abide by traffic laws on roads, railways, waterways, airways, etc. to protect their own lives and safety. for road users. For road traffic, road users must comply with the regulations to wear helmets when riding motorbikes, wear seat belts in cars, stop at red lights, and park at the right signs at the right places.

Traffic safety means strictly complying with the provisions of traffic laws when traveling on the road. Traffic safety ensures the life of yourself and those around you. But now the safety situation when participating in traffic is increasingly alarming as a danger to the whole society and is being of primary concern.

What’s a fast lane? In washington trucks and trailers are supposed to stay in the furthest right lane except to pass its hardly enforced but its technically the law. In washington noones supposed to be in the left lane except to pass and are suppose to merge back to the middle or slow lane truck or not.