The video is about a person walking down the street with his dog; it will be worth discussing once he comes to a road ahead.
There was a girl who also took her dog for a walk. Accidentally two dogs face each other, not just passing each other, but the dog in front of the girl rushes over.
They attacked a passerby’s uncle, and a scuffle broke out and got serious. At that time, the two owners of the two dogs were also very panicked and tried to stop
but failed; when the dog was able to push this dog out, the other one rushed over. The girl was furious and grabbed her golden retriever’s neck away from the dalmatian.

After being posted, the video caused many controversies, and they thought the girl was wrong to take her dog out but not bring a leash to control it.
Affect other people, that’s dangerous. Maybe it was just a fight between two dogs; how bad will the effect be when the dog even
can attack other people or children? Instead of blaming the dog, netizens are more angry and critical of the girl’s actions and advised her to be careful with
her dog when going out and equip it with a leash to control it easily in all possible situations; that is not only to protect others but also to protect yourself.
Your dog before similar events.

Not all dogs understand, and not all dogs are aggressive, so know how to protect yourself and others so that the unexpected happens.

Some angry comments such as:

“People need to learn to keep their dogs on a damn leash…”
“Put your dog on a leash . not cool lady”