This footage comes from the film archive of the Royal War Museum (UK). Included here is a three-minute excerpt showing paratroopers jumping from planes and collecting weapons, etc., from parachute supply tanks. The last 20 seconds of this clip show a Welbike taken from a container and carried away in the sunset.

Notice the thunderous four-stroke roar of the engine as you watch it dubbed through the two-stroke sound.The 22-minute full-length video that this video was extracted from was made as a tribute to Britain’s Parachute divisions on behalf of the workers who built their equipment.
Welbike – a British motorcycle equipped with an air drop box for use in World War II. About three thousand units have been produced and are mainly used in Operation Market Garden.

True, the first Honda motorcycle was produced by Soichiro Honda after World War II in Japan, using engines from a spare radio transmitter and a bicycle to make his wife’s life easier. He mass-produced them until the generator supply ran out, then he started designing his own engines.
Welbike is a British one-seater folding motorcycle produced during the Second World War under the direction of Station IX – “Interdisciplinary Service Research Bureau” – based in Welwyn, UK, to be used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE). It has the distinction of being the smallest motorcycle ever used by the British Armed Forces.

Between 1942 and 1943, 3,641 units (plus prototypes and some test pieces) were built and although not heavily used by SOE, some were issued to the British 1st and 6th Parachute Division and some were used at Arnhem during Operation Market Garden.