The video captures a picture of a neighborhood where people are walking around, a person who has captured a picture, a man’s actions.
In the video we can see an image of a man pushing a baby crib and when we come across a little girl and look at that man’s actions.
he rebuilt his stroller so that his child would not roll away and then approached the girl.
Care graciously cared for her and helped her repair her clothes, was a father so the man knew how to take care of and help the girls.

Trying to play with that little girl when she was standing alone helped her say hello to her daughter.
In our lives, people live together with love, the young and the old, the elderly with love and care for the young.
As a result, love and care are covered everywhere. When we’re in trouble, someone grabs our hands and pulls us out of the swamp, or when someone around us is in trouble, we extend our support.

Help as a share is the form of affection that is given from the heart, empathy, love, sharing with the people around his life.
Giving without wanting to get it back, but you get a lot of things worthwhile, even though it’s not obvious but at least you will feel safe and happy.
It’s what they call help, growing together.

we don’t live alone, we live with everyone around us. So it’s not like we can get through it all on our own. The power of many people is the power that can’t be broken.
Someone, always let himself be able to overcome all difficulties and challenges in life. Disregarding the offers of his friends, his relatives remained alone on the path of life.