The birthplace of the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” sped up using a catchphrase and went straight to “f*ck Joe Biden” the Sunday morning before the Daytona 500.

Hours before NASCAR’s flagship event, Fox 35 in Orlando went live at the Daytona International Speedway, interviewing fans who were on track to sign their autographs to the finish line. Fox 35 Orlando reporter approached a fan wearing a Trump hat and asked, “what would you sign at the finish line?”
“What do you think I would sign,” the man replied. “I will sign Joe Biden!”

“Oh no no no! We don’t do that,” the reporter said, looking startled before walking away. “That’s the risk we take here when we broadcast live.”

The reporter gave it some thought to his next interviewee, who was wearing an American flag shirt, and asked if he had signed something “clean” to avoid accidentally broadcasting another profanity. on live TV or not. “It’s not clean,” replied the NASCAR fan.

The tagline “f*ck Joe Biden” was heard a lot at many sporting events last year, but the obscene phrase was replaced by “Let’s Go Brandon” in October, originating from a NASCAR race. Fans were chanting “damn Joe Biden after the NASCAR race at Talladega, when NBC reporter Kelly Stavast misheard the insult during an interview with winning driver Brandon Brown.

Stavast believes the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” in honor of Brown, and since then, many Donald Trump supporters have continued to use the idiom as a way to criticize Biden. But before the Daytona 500, at least one NASCAR fan chose to omit the cleaner phrase in favor of the vulgar insult.