Visitors to a zoo in the US were “satisfied” when witnessing two gorillas rushing into each other’s boxing like in Hollywood movies.
The video was recorded by an audience member when two gorillas rushed to punch each other at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.
Visitors at the zoo were scared and shouted loudly to tell the staff to stop the two gorillas from fighting. This is like a heavyweight boxing title fight.

Before rushing into the fight, the two gorillas growled at each other and immediately rushed to punch each other. Reluctant spectators at the zoo were mixed with fear and excitement.

Last year, a gray-backed gorilla suddenly went mad and slammed into the glass door separating visitors. Many people cannot hide the fear on their faces. There was a crack on the goggles from the gorilla’s blow.
Gorilla (also known as Gorilla) is the largest primate in the family of primates and especially they have DNA similar to 99% of humans.

Therefore, gorillas are considered our closest relatives after only two other chimpanzees, which is why they have a very developed social life, with a hierarchy and status in the herd. very clear.

They usually live in the tropical jungle areas of Africa under the leadership of the largest, strongest leader. In addition, sometimes in the herd there is always friction and battles are inevitable. Each time, they often rushed to fight like real gladiators.