Some famous daily newspapers such as Bild, The Daily Telegraph… have praised and introduced the unique seine fishing style of fishermen in Phu Yen waters.
Some of the works in the photo series “The visual beauty of the net” by author Nguyen Sanh Quoc Huy have just appeared on 5 pages of major German and British daily newspapers: Bild, Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Star .
Fascinated by the shape of fishing nets and the beauty of Phu Yen people’s labor, the author decided to go to Tuy An coastal district to be able to take this unique set of photos.

Talking about the difficulties in the process of shooting, the author of the photo series said: “It took me 3 days in Phu Yen to make the works. To watch the moment when the fisherman turned the net, I had to wake up very early. and keep an eye on their fishing work. If this beach doesn’t exist, I immediately move to another location to work.”

“In order to catch a large amount of anchovies, the time from the time the fisherman finds the fish to the end is a process of hard work. They really become heroes in the vast ocean,” the author said. fake said.
He added: “I have to watch the moment when the wind is calmest so that the sea surface is smooth and calm. This is also the time to create the most beautiful seine shape.”

Depending on the time and the wind, the shape of the net changes with different unique designs.
The boat is like a “horse” and the fishermen incarnate as “warriors” who are rushing out into the ocean. The fishermen have to trade their safety as well as their lives to carry out their livelihood work, the dream of a prosperous and full life.
At the end of the hard working time, the fisherman will temporarily leave his “horse”, returning home to rest to prepare for the next “seaside” journey that awaits.

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