It was a policeman strangling him, then the officer’s arm would be across his throat; but the officer’s arm was on the side of his neck but he managed to control his hoodie trying to keep it in place. But you haven’t shown the video since before subject was arrested. You only show this part. Then you make your statement. Not all cops are bad and yes, there are some. So your statement is false and above all, since you are only showing this part of the video you cannot make your statement about the consequences of your actions. Know it or not, your words can take the life of a police officer. It has happened in the states and even in Canada. We had a cop who was shot in the line of duty…. He never made it through.

It’s crazy to see the difference between what whites see and what minorities see. Dudes a kid, he’s in cuffs, he doesn’t get. I think you have a right to defend yourself if someone is trying to harm you. Any race. The police are showing their dominance over that kid.

Just over a month ago the officer left the cafe and this guy just woke up and shot him for no reason. If he was the only one who broke up, he had to do something to subdue that person and whether the mistress was overpowered or not. But just videotaping that part of the arrest and you don’t like the police officers would be the reason why you can’t help the police until more assistance is available. It will just assume that if a cop’s life is in danger and there’s no return you won’t raise a finger to help even if the cop is a good person. I wonder who has the guts to lift a finger to help. I know it can be done because I watched the video about it. I guess I like your neighbor doesn’t matter down there and the same thing here is that not many people care.

Others also commented:
”You are clearly anti-police, you didn’t show the whole movie for just coming to the wrong conclusion without the full facts, the police arm was not over his throat but on the side of his neck and he can move his head which means he doesn’t choke, you’re one of the reasons Americans get into so much trouble.”
“Video as proof – arms are clamped around the neck. Your statements are not only untrue, but misleading, racist and sowing hate. You are part of the problem. “Child” has been taught how to “resist” to like you.If he didn’t, this would be different.
“Stay sober. He’s not trying to strangle him. He’s restraining him for some reason the video shows. What he should have done was to turn him around so he’s facing him. face the car.”