According to the video, riots broke out, causing people to be tense. Plus the chain mode of the policemen makes the community more tired. In the midst of such a situation, there is still a female police officer who is considered an angel by everyone, when she comes out to condemn the policemen who kill people.
So let’s support everyone instead of burying them all because of the breakdown of a few. She won’t keep calling people like that if the next time she goes out, the violent mob will scream at her when she hasn’t done anything. If you want to change, be a changer.

The police force was destroyed and everyone was confused why no one came to help them. The government solved the problem by increasing the requirement that an offense be charged every year.
BL obviously only matters when they act like uncivilized barbarians in the name of destroying $hit and violence..nothing new..
No different from other domestic terrorist groups that democrats have established over the years like kkk, antifa, black panthers, etc.
Now it’s just a quote to steal your stuff in many places. Damn definitely wouldn’t chase anyone to write them a ticket. Vote for chaos, we get chaos.

Since I served in the Corps and was deployed, I got my hands on terrorists like these guys and no badges! If I had a woman do that she would be demoted and reprimanded accordingly! She’s not a high ranking person there, but like an uncivilized noisy animal like the rest there She has to start her crazy sounds! Animals do it! The police are trying to restore order, that’s his job! You are being a hole @$$ and only making your comments based on white cop, black cop and black mob! Mine is based on human crime and the fact that we all bleed red! Why is it so hard for you not to become a RACIST?!

Others also commented:
“And half of you mfs are talking about how you would pepper spray someone with just that badge huh!!! Take the badge off and keep the energy on!!! That’s what you call it!!! he’s a pig!! You saw him leave a coward bc that gay ass badge!!! He’s an animal!!✊🏿❤️”
“Badgey or not, I have no problem spraying pepper spray or shooting domestic terrorists who are obstructing traffic and causing civil unrest! That’s the real Animal! It’s ugly! when they feel the need to act like this!”
“If you get in the way of my work, I’ll pepper your face with pepper spray. I don’t care if you’re black purple yellow rose green or orange. I’ll pepper your face. of the story.”