The Vietnam People’s Army is the main force of the People’s Armed Forces. According to Vietnam’s Ministry of National Defense, the military’s mission is “for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, for socialism, for the happiness of the people.

” The traditional day is December 22 every year. The military flag is the national flag with the words “Determined to win” in yellow in the upper left corner. The Ten Oaths of Honor of soldiers of the People’s Army say that the army has the mission: “to constantly raise the socialist patriotism, the proletarian international spirit, to make an active contribution to the struggle for the cause. national independence, democracy and socialism”.

Citizens performing the obligation to join the People’s Police are performing the obligation to defend the Fatherland in the people’s armed forces. Every year, the People’s Public Security Forces may recruit citizens of the age to be called up for military service to serve in the People’s Police for a period of 24 months.

The Minister of Public Security shall decide to extend the term of active duty service of non-commissioned officers and soldiers, but not exceeding 06 months in the following cases.