May 3rd, a national holiday in Poland, is usually a day of celebration and pride in the country’s constitution. However, for the DIOZ team, it turned into a day of tragedy and horror as they stumbled upon a farm that portrayed a heartbreaking tale of suffering and despair for the captive creatures trapped there.

Behind the barns, concealed from the public eye, lay a scene of utter barbarism. Most Polish farms were labeled as “kaparnictwo,” meaning places of torment and execution for animals, painting a grim picture of the farming industry.

The discoveries made by the DIOZ team were shocking and devastating. In one instance, they found a young dog chained on a short leash, his empty bowl lying under agricultural machinery, and no kennel for shelter. The poor dog was scared, starved, and in evident distress. His cries for help were heart-wrenching.

The farm was a haunting reflection of neglect and cruelty. In the cowshed, the rotting corpses of calves with their heads and legs cut off were scattered among filth and muck. An illegal pig farm was also discovered, where animals lived in their excrement and resorted to cannibalism. It was a stark reminder of how greed and profit often supersede sanitary and veterinary regulations.

For the DIOZ team, there are no weekends or holidays. They tirelessly work to rescue and save animals from such atrocities, advocating for a better future for these innocent creatures who endure unimaginable cruelty at the hands of humans.

Though the dogs found on the farm have been rescued, the fate of the other animals remains uncertain. The Zgorzelec police are actively investigating the farm, and the DIOZ team is determined to bring the perpetrators to justice. It is a long and challenging battle, but their dedication to ensuring the safety and protection of the animals is unwavering.

Unfortunately, such farms exist in Poland, and the DIOZ team continually fights against this injustice. While they tirelessly rescue and rehabilitate animals, the root of the problem lies in changing farming practices throughout the country. This endeavor necessitates a collective effort from the government, farmers, and the public alike.

As the DIOZ team continues their fight, it is crucial to remember the innocent victims of these atrocities. Animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain, fear, and love, just like humans. They deserve our respect, care, and protection, and together, we must strive to ensure a better future for them. In doing so, we can create a world where compassion and empathy reign, and the horrors of such farms become a thing of the past.