In the clip, two young men were standing in the middle of the road when suddenly a container truck rushed over, but the other two were stunned and almost lost their lives, and also reflected the driver. unobservable . So some are trying to break into his truck and some are blocking the way. I bet they played the victim card as he drove away. it’s a bunch of animal rights activists.

They start in front of these trucks to prevent them from bringing animals into the processing plant. I think it should be legal to run someone blocking the way for a reason like that. A second crew tried to steal the animal from the truck before it ran into the corner, oh saw this video as it happened. They are a bunch of vegetarians trying to save the pigs.

another device when moving or grabbing one or taking one over people don’t want a job, they want to sit there and call all the other problems, that air took another device, keep going then we’ll be squeezed about it. Why does he have to do that? A guy with a hand in his shit. What would you do differently? I’m not sure what these kids were trying to do but interfere with truck work. That’s what they get. For one, they don’t know what peaceful protest means.

You have the right to object and voice your opinion but you are not trying to stop a business. He gets paid to bring the item to the dock, if you want to stop him buy the item and pay him to bring it and pay him to get it. Don’t be stupid enough to stand in front of a big truck. And after this clip, ask the driver to be more attentive in driving to avoid the situation of causing injury, life and health of others and also ask the road users to observe when on the road.