The clip shows a man walking into a room when he sees the sight of two cats fighting. He sat down with his left hand
The black cat came out, holding the white cat tightly with his right hand and then holding the white cat up, but the black cat still did not give up but found ways to climb up and fight with the white cat.

Why do cats fight? First, find out why cats fight so you can prevent this problem. In the wild, cats often have a close relationship with their mother and siblings
em. However, when they separate, they tend to become independent. If any of them trespasses into their master’s territory, they will show signs to prevent it. And even if. In the family too, fights often happen when cats are trying to protect things that are supposed to be their own, such as the living area, cat toys or owners.

How to prevent cat fights? When a fight starts, you will instinctively shout and clap your hands, but these actions can make things worse. Instead of
Stay calm and insert something (like a large piece of cardboard) between the cats. If cats are biting each other, grab one of them by the nape, this will cause them to let go of the other. Separate them out for a while so they can calm down. Each time they fight, their relationship gets worse! Note:  Things never to be done with your cat. Do to make cats get along with each other?. Fixing this problem takes time and patience.

The following tips may be of some help to you: Leave cats in areas separate areas, providing a fair amount of kitten food, drinking water, and relaxation space respectively. Then let them get to know each other. First let the cat share the scent of them. Feed them close to each other, the taste association of the dish will make them feel more comfortable. This is followed by the exchange of scents through waste. Then it’s time for they meet. Have the cats face each other and separated by a fence or screen. They can see each other, smell each other, but in a safe zone. When you feel like there’s no more. No problem, you can get them together without using fences anymore. You can ask friends or family members to help you with these steps.