The video below captures the image of a soldier boy and his father. The father seems to be very old and in poor health. He is in a wheelchair and walks a lot. It wasn’t easy. When he was about to get up, the young man held out his hand to help, but he signaled no need and tried to use his strength to stand up. The boy raised his hand wrongly.

He was standing ready for him to hold on to if he needed to. After she tried to get up, she finally accepted his help and grabbed his hand so that he could stand up more quickly. Afterward, the father and son performed a solemn ceremony to greet each other.

The beautiful image made viewers immensely touched and impressed. Some people thought that he was a soldier. They retired and still want to assert themselves and avoid bothering or relying on anyone. And the boy is a man who loves his father and is very psychological when he refuses to accept help from you.

Besides, there are also some opinions that this video is staged; the sentence is because even performing the solemn flag-raising ceremony that he is doing it wrong; this video is unreliable and worthy of the viewer’s sympathy to attract the attention of the like sentence.