Is not what you think it is : In 2009, a woman decided to take a quick look at Jesus by jumping into the polar bear exhibit in the Berlin zoo. She continued to suffer
attacked by four of the largest carnivores on the planet. At one point, zookeepers were able to pull her out of the water tank. Apparently, she lost her teaching job and so depressed that she tried to reset her life in one of the worst ways. And the zookeepers are seconds away from shooting the bears to save
she. Fortunately, she and the polar bears are still alive.

In 2007, in San Francisco, three unnamed idiots decided to mock Tatiana the Siberian tiger just to see what would happen. What happened is she decided to investigate population three lighter names. Motivated by malice, Tatiana leapt over the nearly 13-foot wall and breached all three walls, injuring one and severely injuring the other. And what true today is dugns at the time, young and stupid people have always been…After being sued, they had to pay $900,000 in taxes to the brothers.

Number one isn’t really this, because in 2012, a mother lifted her son onto the railing to get a better look at the animals, then she dropped the 2-year-old into the African wild dog show.
The boy survived the fall but not the dogs, if you know how African wild dogs hunt then you will find this very bad.

Some sharing from everyone after watching the video :

“But wait there’s a better 1 dude was supposed to be cleaning the zoo’s public areas decided he was going to pet a tiger through the fence. Someone called the police saying they heard screaming, police found a tiger eating the man’s arm through the fence. Poor tiger was shot multiple times, can’t remember if it survived. I don’t care what happend to the dude so no idea what happened to him”

“In 1972 a man went into the polar bear exhibit at the Toledo Zoo. He was the 1972 winner of the Darwin Award.”

“Why would they have shot these polar bears for doing what polar bears do?

She jumped in there, so yes, try to help her out, but if she’s not being cooperative, I certainly wouldn’t have shot the bears!”