A video that was recently posted has attracted everyone’s interest and concern about the actions of two dogs causing a lot of controversy.In the video a man is walking his black dog and holding its leash. Until the arrival of the two dogs on the side of the road run right into his black dog furiously and wildly.

The man did not manage to stop the two aggressive dogs and his quick response to protect his dog was to pull the leash and raise the dog’s man high.
When the teacher acts that man’s two dogs have stood and watched and done nothing. The dogs are not violent, shameful, they act like they’re waiting to catch him without a master, they are clearly jealous, he has a lovely master.

That behavior of those two dogs shows the same kind of behavior, but they can hurt each other at any time and the worst will come to them unexpectedly.

When the actions of that man plus his life have been relentless in praising his handling so skillfully and energetically of his dog without fear of danger,if those two dogs attack him, it is bad.