Recently, a sua video when published has attracted everyone’s interest and sharing.
In the video we see on a street, there are a lot of soldiers who are probably rioting in the neighborhood. 8 While rioting there, there’s an old man of about 70 who’s very sick with a stick and hasn’t made it out of there yet, two soldiers who come and use the shield that they hold in their hands to push that man around aggressively and brutally.

Those two men had knocked the old man over on the road , and after seeing him, another soldier immediately came and helped him up gently. Contrary to the brutality and aggression of the two men at the top of the video, he was a really nice and kind soldier.

These are officers who can’t understand why the public hates them and asks these people not to obey the law. lt’s shameful and humiliating by the people you should have trusted ??? The poor guy didn’t threaten me and he said please don’t hurt me.

The aggressive behavior of the soldiers has caused a lot of fierce debate and has been thrown on the way young men behave towards an old man who loves them on the street, who thinks they are very good but their minds are very evil and brutal, or not ,they don’t deserve to stand in that position.