Every time we watch a game in any tournament, we notice that players tend to exaggerate above the normal level every time they make mistakes.You’re no stranger to a player. it just fit to roll around on the grass screaming tragically but only five minutes later the player got up and continued playing as if nothing had happened. It is also for the above reason that the football player football is judged to be weak in the eyes of fans of other sports.

Why do footballers regularly perform acts of repentance or drama on the field? This phenomenon for us is called voracity. The player using this tactic aims to
put pressure on the judgment of the referee, wishing to decide in favor of the team with the player who committed the error, and with the team who committed the error, it can be a situation of card withdrawal or 11m calculation…
If the referee is overlooked and makes decisions that benefit your team, it is clearly a small advantage. However, sinful errors have also been introduced into the laws in football, you may be fined with a yellow card. Today, the advancement of technologies such as VAR is supporting the referee, the error will no longer take place when the referee can review the situation on the pitch and determine the exact extent of the collision leading to the error, of course a yellow card will be reserved for players who commit malicious acts.

The video re-shared the image that was on the pitch, a player was injured but he seemed to be pretending, after the video was posted that quickly attracted interest and comment.
in the light of everyone’s comments, many comments were made after watching the video.

Some people’s comments:
“we let our kids play catch to teach then co-ordination without having to wear protective clothing. They then grow up to be able to play football and use their feet to control the ball instead of still playing catch. Which Americans can’t progress to such skills.”
“I would like to hear from British friends, creators of this beloved sport, cherished in my country almost as a religion. How does it feel to see the USA call Football Soccer? And knowing that there is another sport out there that is played 99% of the time with the hand, having the name of Football”
“Imagine inventing a sport, nobody likes it and it’s only you playing and every year you’re the world champions… aww, wait… God bless USA
And let the hate begin”

“Do they all go through training so they can pretend they’re hurt all game?”
“Acting is awful, and yet they earn more than a trained actor… Football – total waste of time… It’s not a sport anymore. ‘
“Diving is an art form that I am sure they practice all the time. They act like leg broken I’m 14 places. Then when the play stops they high 5 everyone. I watched Canada play and after that I tried and was getting pissed off at the Oscar winning dives so done watching. “
“This is why soccer is so overrated bro didnt even grab the correct leg that was “hit.” They would get destroyed in hockey. “