Girls aren’t as hard as the FA boys think. You just need to know how to crab girls, know how to grasp girls’ mentality, you will definitely crush 100%
Have you ever wondered why some boys are so close to girls? Or do they have a more special way of chattering or loving girls? Congratulations if you have an attractive appearance.

Otherwise, score points on behavior, charisma, and humor.
The video of the boy chatting with a girl at the pub caught the attention of many people, because his girlhood made the viewer steal books to study.
According to the video, this man accidentally met a girl in the pantyhose, a girl so beautiful that he couldn’t help but go ahead and start a conversation.
But unfortunately, the girl had a boyfriend, but that’s not why he gave up, thanks to his extremely charming speech and some flirting, he made the beautiful girl laugh with all his eyes.

Funny boys who know how to speak will be more liked by girls. That’s why people say girls love with their ears, boys love with their eyes.
Let’s start your conversation with happy words to get your opponent’s attention. However, grasp the story and find the right balance to have the right jokes to avoid being considered ungrateful

It would be easy to lose points in the girl’s eyes.
If the girl you like already has a boyfriend, then it’s not easy to pursue her. Not only is it more likely that you will be rejected than if she doesn’t have anyone yet,
and most likely, you have to deal with the hate of your boyfriend. If you really love that girl and want to try your luck anyway, you need to first consider the risks and benefits of this.
When you choose the wrong person who has a boyfriend, the best way is to withdraw, avoid disturbing the relationship of others, also do not withdraw for yourself.