The video captures the image of a video that captures the image of an artillery machine as a drill of a military aircraft on a mission.
A military aircraft is any fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft that is used by a military force. General categories include:
The formerly known as the Axis aircraft, was a combat aircraft in the air force, designed with the primary purpose of fighting the enemy’s air forces.

The main mission of the fighter jet is to:
Fighting to destroy the enemy’s bombers, fighter jets and missiles to safely protect the ground and sea targets of its forces from attacks by the enemy air force.
Fight against enemy jets to protect its bombers, fighter jets, transport planes and other air forces.
Contribute with other air forces to deploy on a wide scale measures to fight with the air defences and the enemy’s air force to seize the hegemony of the air, control the airspace to ensure air security for the soldiers of their armies fighting in the war zone.

Aircraft is a very important tool in the fighting of each country, so it is considered an important means of fighting to protect the authority of each country.
some people watching the video have left comments saying :
“The GAU-12 that the F-35 is equipped with is only 180 rounds. So this series is all it’s got. And then in a communications war, he couldn’t defend himself. Anyway, the accuracy of this cannon is one of the main shortcomings in the list of more than 900 junk of this plane.”

“I understand that they finally solved the bugs. For the longest time, it only fired 40 laps and then stuck!”