Recently, a video after being posted has attracted and heated controversy on social networks in the past few days.Arguing between a man and a girl in a restaurant, they argue about slowly taking your plate.

Exactly, arguing about distracting from taking your disk. Take your plate, you deserve it, f argue with others if it matters, it’s politics nobody really cares about anyone else’s plate, the worst people say they do.

This is the stupid shit that keeps the hate alive, this doesn’t happen, and most likely my comment will be deleted after this hate goes viral
Here’s a take on the black problem versus all the problems.

Some people have said that “literal pig, what these stupid ass demonstrations sound like, laugh out loud, is literally nonsense”
“it’s because it was dumbed down that the all lives matter team was able to understand the concept of BLM. Unfortunately, you seem to be one of the people who doesn’t understand it.”