A video that had recently been posted had attracted a lot of interest and sharing and had raised a lot of controversy as he was travelling at a speed of 299km/h.
The clip was reportedly recorded by the driver himself using a dashcam. In a 1-minute video, the motorist continuously accelerates from 160 km/h to 299 km/h.

He launched like a missile on the road, though other vehicles circulated. Remarkably, when the driver of the vehicle crosses two cars or encounters bad road sections, the vehicle shakes sharply, preventing the viewer from heartbeat.

In that scene, there were also young men coming before him, probably holding an unauthorized race on this highway. Running at a speed like this could be dangerous for road users, who would not be able to control their speed at that time. They just roared and walked a straight path without caring about the people around them.

The online community is also outraged, condemning the act of disregarding the lives of the above drivers as well as other road users, and urging the authorities to take action soon.
The fact that the motorist “launched the speed of the altar” makes many people watch the video emotional:
“All of them need to be banned from operating a motor vehicle of any kind for the rest of their lives.”
“And then they’re minced to be kneaded off the runway, just a little balloon at that crazy rate.”
“On a video game, I can see it but practically not, it’s stupid and I hope they don’t kill the family because of their stupidity”