The clip shows a young man holding a white bag of explosives waiting for a police car to pass, when he got under the police car and blew it up. It’s okay to post this or agree to this. If you talk about what really should be done, they threaten you. Can’t wait until they’ve all been held accountable for their roles in supporting it to go awry like this. You can hide the truth, the result will remain the same. I can’t wait until all the people above contributing to this bullshit are called out & maybe the supporters or sympathizers for these riots can see the real problem. I’m sure everyone who throws trash at the police. As great contributors to society….. No. More like social scabies.

Those who are protesting the police have more government benefits and other enrichment programs than any other race but they still demand more while contributing less. as expected they get off their lazy ass and make a living instead of stealing or selling drugs not to mention a complete lack of respect for anything. same with liars and manipulators of the police taking away your rights. And killing innocent people but not punishing them. Humm… looks like our people are tired of being there, bro. only a few, not the majority. This is like saying that the whole party is responsible for the peaceful protest that burned so many cities. Would you say the same thing when the same crime finds your child? I’ll keep you honest and tell it to you. Sound fair? the police do not take your rights immediately. Laws are made by politicians. Law enforcement police.

There is a problem with the law, go to your state politicians. The reality is that without the police this country would be taken over by the killer immediately. Check and see how many innocent people are killed by police and how many policemen are killed each year. Then check out the number of innocent people killed by criminals each year. The police are not perfect but a country without law and order would not exist. Have you ever thought that it’s possible, just possible, if we pull our heads out of the sand and change what needs to be changed; Will this kind of thing go away?

Maybe, just maybe, allowing villagers to kill whoever they want with qualified immunity is not what most people want. I believe the middle is leaning more towards law and order. I believe things will get better. But in the middle. conservatives need to keep in mind the dirty pockets at the top of fraud and manipulation of the system through the influence of politicians.. Just. As bad as these criminals. Not where I live… America is big. Just because one city is having problems doesn’t mean another city has problems. Try to remember how big this country is. The hidden cops make any protest look extremely bad… they stack bricks and start fires ect so our people can’t stand up for our rights because it belongs to the government Anyone who has paid attention over the past ten years cannot be surprised by any of this. We actually watched this build. Politicians, media, education system, etc… All have a hand to create this