will you ask that question when it paints you?…don’t think so… i bring it too … anyone in Texas can bring one as long as they’re not a criminal and aren’t stupid with it. Too many people condemn motorcyclists and that’s how I lost a close friend. if he had brought, the situation would have been different. Although the man who killed him has been arrested and charged, he may still have a chance to fight in his own defense. when a driver stops because the driver is driving aggressively towards them endangering their lives. then when the bike stops and gets off the people in the bike get down?

people are crazy… and even more so they have the ability… so why not? … that’s what happened to my friend, may he rest in peace… if he had a weapon he could have protected himself… Motorcycle riders feel vulnerable because of not being in a protective cage. don’t take any faction regarding this video because i don’t know the whole news. i will agree that there are some motorcyclists who make other motorcyclists look ugly with their unnecessary riding. all i’m saying is that having it is better than needing it and not having it. Especially nowadays. So someone stops behind you and you want to shoot it Hope you enjoy tasting prison and penis food, because that’s what I see in your future.

The amount of people who immediately condemned the motorcyclist was amazing. the premise seems to be road rage and follow mc. Mc literally tells him to keep going and the premise makes his bike move forward acting as if he is going to run over the live bike that has ridden motorcycles all his life and has never had a problem with someone in the car…. Because I don’t drive like an asshole. What does your long experience have to do with this video? Also, you got lucky the whole time because there are a lot of drivers who don’t deserve a license. the drivers think they owe something, they drive like stupid idiots you obviously don’t know if there’s something wrong both have and honestly why are you behind who after this unless the car has one.

Find trouble for the brain to wake up. So if you are such an aggressive motorbike driver, why don’t you drive the car? It looks to me like the motorcycle is trying to avoid any more road rage and the bike wants to continue the drama by pulling him back and flipping him over. People like you are the problem. People who lack common sense. Obviously he can remove himself from the equation… His bike is much faster.. so why stop if you don’t want trouble? You think nothing can happen to you if you act like this. The fact that you clearly have a thing against motorcyclists and the fact that you lack wisdom tells me this conversation is not going anywhere. So have a nice day. Self-incrimination would imply that a crime has been committed. What crime happened? The same can be said about car drivers. All they had to do was drive away but they took the time to pull behind the driver and flip him over while hinting that they would run over themotorcyclist/motorcyclist..