The video below captures the image of a guy moving his motorbike on a relatively narrow road; he wriggled around on both sides of the road and behind.
It moves at a fast speed that surpasses all the cars on the road. And running on the road without end.

The video makes viewers uncomfortable with his riding action; disobeying traffic rules and causing obstruction can cause traffic accidents that endanger others or themselves. They look forward to a more surprising ending but nothing; they think this is a bullshit video with a like sentence to attract viewers’ curiosity.

The video also shows the current situation Today’s traffic and means of transport are increasingly developed, but the awareness of road users is increasingly limited; they need to obey the law better. Traffic rates, swerving around, running red lights, using vehicles under age or with alcohol content…

That makes traffic accidents more and more increasing and many unfortunate consequences. It is also a wake-up call for all conscious people to protect themselves and others.