The clip in Boro shows a boss selling e-cigarettes to a brother when suddenly a young man wearing a black life jacket with light blue jeans came in and took 3 bottles of e-cigarettes.died on the left side of the boss and then ran. The boss ran to chase him when he saw me running very fast and found myself unable to chase this thief.

He turned around and continued selling to his brother. But it’s not just running away, it’s bad luck for the young man
Teenager is a shop where the owner installs a camara on the right and turns to the left where the salesman is, so he can see the young man’s face very clearly. After selling it to his brother, the owner checked the camera and report to the police to work. For the crime of property theft, the act of appropriation has shown the purpose of appropriation of the offender and signs of appropriation in the composition.The basis of the crime of theft is appropriation.

Therefore, the crime of property theft is completed from the time the offender has appropriated the property. The assessment of the offender has been completed.
appropriated or not depends on the characteristics and location of the property appropriated. If the appropriated property is small, it is considered to have been appropriated when the offender has hidden the property in the People; if the object to be appropriated is not of the above categories, it shall be considered appropriated when the property has been brought out of the preservation area; if the appropriation is property left in unfinished places the private storage area is considered appropriated when the property has been moved from its original location.

Thus, your friend is determined to constitute the crime of property theft, even though there has been a
Damage compensation agreement with the person who has been stolen, but the crime of property theft is not in the case of prosecution at the request of the victim. So your friend is still prosecuted for property theft. The value of the property appropriated is 150 million VND. Your friend is prosecuted at point e, clause 2, article 173 with a prison term of 2 years to 7 years.

However, there was an agreement compensation and redress of damage, your friend may be applied a mitigating circumstance to the level of the penalty.