The clip shows the young man driving on the road to avoid the flood of roads for vehicles with large pickups. He was walking while running and recording a video, it showed that he was going against the road, and the container trucks were driving at high speed, which was very dangerous. The reason they drive at such a high speed alf is because they have purchased an insurance policy that even if there is an accident, they already have insurance to pay for that damage, so they can ride without worry.

no worries at all. fines for cars increased the most, from a maximum of 1.2 million VND to 05 million VND. The fine for driving in the opposite direction of motorbikes increased from a maximum of 400,000 VND to 02 million VND. In addition, the vehicle drivers who commit this violation will also be deprived of the right to use the driving license for 01 – 03 months. People traveling in the opposite direction of a one-way street, going in the opposite direction on a road with a sign saying “No going in the opposite direction” and causing a traffic accident will have a higher fine. For cars, a fine of 10 – 20 million VND will be imposed; Motorbikes are fined from 04 to 05 million VND

Not to mention, cars traveling in the opposite direction on the highway are also subject to a much larger fine, ranging from VND 16-18 million, and have their driving license stripped from 5 to 7 months.The offense of going in the opposite direction has been fined many times more than before, showing that the legislators have highly appreciated the danger of this behavior. In order to shorten a section of the road, people traveling in the opposite direction on the road have deliberately put themselves and other traffic vehicles in a dangerous situation, especially on roads with high speed traffic.

When another vehicle suddenly appears on a one-way street, it is very difficult for drivers to handle and react to unexpected situations, easily leading to traffic accidents. Currently, the sign prohibiting going in the opposite direction is a traffic sign indicating that all vehicles are prohibited from entering in the direction of the sign, except for vehicles given priority to go on urgent tasks. The sign that prohibits going in the opposite direction has the number: P.102, has a circle shape, a red background, and a large white dash in the middle. When seeing this sign, drivers absolutely do not enter that section of the road.