Cats are small, carnivorous mammals that live with humans, bred to hunt pests, or as pets with domestic dogs. Domestic cats have lived close to humans for at least 9,500 years, and today they are the most popular pet in the world.

The video captures the image of a girl recording her cat anxiously looking for her everywhere in the room. It seemed very worried when alone and
ran around looking for the owner. The girl walked down the stairs and looked at the cat in the room next to the vacuum cleaner; soon, the cat discovered her and let out a meow. Very gentle, it seems all its fears gradually disappear when it sees its owner. Viewers think that cats are very attached to their owners, and it is terrified to leave its owner, or they go out to leave them alone. It is like a child who wants to be loved and caressed.

There are many different breeds of cats, some hairless or tailless, and they come in various coat colors. Cats are skilled animals for hunting prey and are known for their ability to track thousands of creatures for food, such as rats. They are also intelligent beings and can be taught or teach you how to use simple tools like opening a doorknob or flushing the toilet.

Some people shared:
“It’s not a good thing. Separation anxiety can be seriously hurtful when a cat can work on its own during a panic attack when you’re not around.”
edge. What if you go to the store, and it turns into a frenzy looking for you? I will get some advice on how to solve the problem
of this topic and see if you can work on giving it some confidence and independence.
“Awww, so sweet. Buy your kitten a friend, or they have anti-anxiety gear at your pet store.”