In the clip, a woman ran a red light, she ran 3m at a red light, then a policeman rushed over and pushed her car down and fell down, hitting the woman, followed by two people. The man ran up to her and continued to beat her and put handcuffs number 8 on her handcuffs. In my opinion, I think the actions of the policemen are too wrong to run the red light, then make a fine, why beat up a woman like that.

This just shows that there is force in the numbers add all your to one and it looks good. Whereas you only have one guy. This is totally wrong, it always seems like a white cop took down a black gentleman for illegal biking, which is wrong. Tension justice to do? Anti-arrest? Running a red light? Drive/drive without care and attention?. If they bring up any form of “Street Justice” then I assume you mean violence doing work there. Then I expect each of them to be slashed. Please continue to encourage it. Taking a break from work doesn’t mean bullshit.

They are still armed. It’s possible they could catch them when they were off duty and the crew could be permanently dealt with. What makes you call a man a thug? When they tackled him, he was standing next to his bike, talking to the police. Another episode of bullying with badges, bragging to the gang. I disagree. Nothing he does in that video warrants a takedown like that. If he’s not a violent criminal, and he gets away with it, what’s the danger to society? There is no reason indicated in that video for a violent disposition, except for a group of people who have joined a gang with a badge who will do it simply because they can.

Well maybe your wife or daughter is driving down the street and they cut her off and they do it, and let’s say your wife meets a kid while walking on the side of the road. How the hell did you get into the Air Force? Why is it so safe? Can you imagine asking George Washington to register his fucking horse and only go a certain speed? The purpose of this people is to be free. There shouldn’t even be a speed limit. If you can’t handle it, go to Russia or be a jerk. You can give up your freedom because you are afraid but don’t ruin it for others.