The woman in the video is a girl who works as a nurse as well as taking care of patients, what bothers her is that the patients she cares for have a very evil trait that is racist race fired the black doctor and assigned her .

There are still some cases of racism between skin color, religion and this makes viewers extremely uncomfortable. She shares how to help her patients stop

thinking about racism, which she decided to start off the visit by telling them the black doctor is an Ivy League scholar and that I’m fine career at the end of his

class. She offers theories that help her patients understand and see differently when it comes to black people. The video has attracted a lot of comments from

the online community, some of whom think she is doing a great job at what she is doing.

She just wants the patients to be equal and respect each other, some commented:

“She did a great job”

“She’s great, I love this”

“She’s great, I love that”