The clip shows the husband preparing a 1.5-liter water bottle and an egg. He calls his wife in to watch him do magic: he will give that chicken egg into the bottle by the small hole of the top of the bottle. She didn’t believe it was possible, so she stood staring at him. He ran his hands up and down the sides of the bottle
two times then grabbed the egg in her hand put the egg in the bottom and told her to look at the bottle I made it sink to the bottom, she looked at the bottle and he squeezed the bottle again and the end water splashed on her face and at the same time he grabbed the egg where I hit her on the head. It was shocking to her how he could do this to her. How to put the egg in the bottle:

Step 1: Burn the mouth of the bottle or open the mouth of the bottle, which can be a glass bottle or a plastic bottle that is smaller than the size of an egg.
Step 2: Heat until hot and then you drop the eggs into the mouth of the small bottle and observe the phenomenon.
Step 3: You will see the large egg floating straight into the bottle.
Because when the molecules encounter great heat, they will move away from each other and create a pressure that is pushing on the mouth of the bottle. When the egg comes into contact with the mouth of the bottle, it will be sucked down.

Or you can do it this way
You will need a piece of paper, a hard-boiled egg, a lighter, and a narrow-necked glass bottle. Children need adult supervision when performing experiments with fire.
Implementation: Roll up the paper, light it with a lighter, and then quickly drop it into the bottle. Place the egg right on the mouth of the bottle, you will see the egg automatically sucked inside.
Because the burning paper has heated the air molecules in the bottle, causing them to separate. Putting the egg on the mouth of the bottle causes the air to be blocked, the fire quickly stops burning,
The air in the bottle cools and the air molecules move closer together. The reduced pressure causes outside air to be pulled into the bottle. Because there’s an egg on the top of the bottle
so the egg is also pulled in.