A policeman and a black guy are having a heated argument, both arguing in the middle of the crowd, especially on the street. It is worth mentioning that this

black guy tries to appear to be extremely knowledgeable but in reality it seems that he is wrong.

The officer explained and told him he understood what was involved and the black guy showed no interest. Then the two got into an argument and saw the

tension on their faces, then one of his friends stopped him before things got more complicated because the more he tried to argue,

If you argue, surely the loser will be that black guy. Soon, the officer told him that he understood and felt he knew his mistake. The policeman left and the black

guy just bowed his head and walked in front of the girls.

The video received many comments from netizens, some of which expressed outrage:

“So it’s okay for a black person to call a white person a nigga, but if it were the opposite conversation, there would be millions of people calling him racist.”

“The waiter was very unprofessional”

“That is, really professional, in public”

“Shut up or handcuff.”